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From William A Rowe Jr <>
Subject [Discuss] Rolling a 'final' 2.2.33 release
Date Wed, 14 Jun 2017 21:12:51 GMT
Per to our discussion last year, this EOL is here. That discussion
resulted in the following Announcement statement;

   We consider the Apache HTTP Server 2.4 release to be the best version
   of Apache available, and encourage users of 2.2 and all prior versions
   to upgrade. This 2.2 maintenance release is offered for those unable
   to upgrade at this time.

   Please note that Apache Web Server Project will only provide maintenance
   releases of the 2.2.x flavor through June of 2017, and will provide some
   security patches beyond this date through at least December of 2017.
   Minimal maintenance patches of 2.2.x are expected throughout this period,
   and users are strongly encouraged to promptly complete their transitions
   to the the 2.4.x flavor of httpd to benefit from a much larger assortment
   of minor security and bug fixes as well as new features.

If we incorporate apr[-util] 1.6, that would remove expat from this
final 2.2 release. If we do this, we need to backport various build
logic charges, backporting those changes for all build schemas.
I believe Windows and Netware have unified expat builds, and
the httpd-level solution files would need to be regenerated to
consume externally built expat (as apr-util already does); going
that far, it likely makes sense to incorporate externally build pcre.

The alternative I prefer is to roll with the final apr[-util] 1.5 releases
as the 2.2.32 tarball had, and include the same warning as given
in the 2.2 release announcement;

   This release includes the Apache Portable Runtime (APR) version 1.5.2
   and APR Utility Library (APR-util) version 1.5.4, bundled with the tar
   and zip distributions. The APR libraries libapr and libaprutil (and
   on Win32, libapriconv version 1.2.1) must all be updated to ensure
   binary compatibility and address many known security and platform bugs.
   APR version 1.5 and APR-util version 1.5 represent minor version upgrades
   from earlier httpd 2.2 source distributions.

   Note this package also includes very stale and known-vulnerable versions
   of the Expat [] and PCRE []
   packages. Users are strongly encouraged to first install the most recent
   versions of these components (of PCRE 8.x, not PCRE2 10.x at this time.)

Thoughts/comments? Patches to hold for before we roll? If I don't hear
otherwise, and we stick to the simpler alternative, then I'd plan to roll
these candidates Thursday.

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