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From Niklas Edmundsson <>
Subject Re: httpd 2.4.25, mpm_event, ssl: segfaults
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2017 18:34:35 GMT
On Tue, 21 Feb 2017, Jacob Champion wrote:

>> Is there interest in more real-life numbers with increasing
>> FILE_BUCKET_BUFF_SIZE or are you already on it?
> Yes please! My laptop probably isn't representative of most servers; it can 
> do nearly 3 GB/s AES-128-GCM. The more machines we test, the better.

To make results less confusing, any specific patches/branch I should 
test? My baseline is httpd-2.4.25 + httpd-2.4.25-deps 
--with-included-apr FWIW.

>> I have an older server
>> that can do 600 MB/s aes-128-gcm per core, but is only able to deliver
>> 300 MB/s https single-stream via its 10 GBps interface. My guess is too
>> small blocks causing CPU cycles being spent not delivering data...
> Right. To give you an idea of where I am in testing at the moment: I have a 
> basic test server written with OpenSSL. It sends a 10 MiB response body from 
> memory (*not* from disk) for every GET it receives. I also have a copy of 
> httpd trunk that's serving an actual 10 MiB file from disk.
> My test call is just `h2load --h1 -n 100 https://localhost/`, which should 
> send 100 requests over a single TLS connection. The ciphersuite selected for 
> all test cases is ECDHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384. For reference, I can do 
> in-memory AES-256-GCM at 2.1 GiB/s.
> - The OpenSSL test server, writing from memory: 1.2 GiB/s
> - httpd trunk with `EnableMMAP on` and serving from disk: 850 MiB/s
> - httpd trunk with 'EnableMMAP off': 580 MiB/s
> - httpd trunk with my no-mmap-64K-block file bucket: 810 MiB/s

At those speeds your results might be skewed by the latency of 
processing 10 MiB GET:s.

I'd go for multiple GiB files (whatever you can cache in RAM) and 
deliver files from disk. Discard the results from the first warm-up 
access and your results delivering from memory or disk (cache) 
shouldn't differ.

> So just bumping the block size gets me almost to the speed of mmap, without 
> the downside of a potential SIGBUS. Meanwhile, the OpenSSL test server seems 
> to suggest a performance ceiling about 50% above where we are now.

I'm guessing that if you redo the tests with a bigger file you should 
see even more potential.

As I said, our live server does 600 MB/s aes-128-gcm and can deliver 
300 MB/s https without mmap. That's only a factor 2 difference 
between aes-128-gcm speed and delivered speed.

Your results above are almost a factor 4 off, so something's fishy :-)

> Even with the test server serving responses from memory, that seems like 
> plenty of room to grow. I'm working on a version of the test server that 
> serves files from disk so that I'm not comparing apples to oranges, but my 
> prior testing leads me to believe that disk access is not the limiting factor 
> on my machine.

Hmm. Perhaps I should just do a quick test with openssl s_server, just 
to see what numbers I get...

  Niklas Edmundsson, Admin @ {acc,hpc2n}      |
  BETA testing is hazardous to your health.

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