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From Kyriakos Zarifis <>
Subject Re: HTTP/2 frame prioritization not honored
Date Fri, 20 Jan 2017 02:57:38 GMT
* ... and by "here" I meant "here

On Thu, Jan 19, 2017 at 6:54 PM, Kyriakos Zarifis <>

> Sounds great!
>> Very interested. I'd like to add a page over at
>> about it, so that people can easily
>> grasp what the advantages are. For that, your numbers (do you have
>> screenshots of browser timelines maybe?) would be very welcome. Also that
>> someone besides the module author has measured it adds credibility. :-)
>> If you write yourself somewhere about it, I am happy to link that.
> Since anything I write would be incomplete without your description of
> what caused it and how you resolved it, I put together a WIP write up here,
> with screenshots / link to logs*. Feel free to use it as you want or let me
> know if you'd like more details; I'm happy to help write the complete story
> for a page on
> <>
> which is probably the most reasonable place to gather the relevant bits.
> Cheers
> * I rerun the tests to capture timeline screenshots, so the server-logs
> don't exactly correspond to those screenshots, but the behaviors were the
> same
> * Note that the delays in the timeline pictures are worse than those seen
> on server logs, which have been more helpful for understanding
> application-layer behavior. I think what's causing this is a bloated output
> buffer in the case where the server aggressively writes low-prio data
> (verified this by monitoring the buffer size which keeps increasing during
> the test)

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