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From Luca Toscano <>
Subject Fwd: [Bug 53555] Scoreboard full error with event/ssl
Date Wed, 25 Jan 2017 12:09:39 GMT
Awesome feedback, great work on mpm-event Stefan!

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From: <>
Date: 2017-01-25 13:00 GMT+01:00
Subject: [Bug 53555] Scoreboard full error with event/ssl

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Hi Stefan,


In the meantime I've decreased the ServerLimit/ThreadLimit to 5 and
the ServerLimit 160 and more. The results with these settings are very
good, no
more user complaints (see below).

Otherwise those long running HTTP CONNECT sessions were still maxing out the
total number of allowed processes.

> If you have any more experiences with the patch I am certainly interested.
> Even if it has simply run for some time without (new) bugs exposed.

the patch had been deployed to about ~3.000 servers since November 2016 with
different work loads from 10 users to 400+ users. After applying your patch
the ThreadLimit change, there were no more complaints :)

I've also diffed httpd 2.4.23 + the patch with the version of the code that
landed in 2.4.25 and it's exactly the same. I'm soon going to roll out
to those boxes.

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