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From William A Rowe Jr <>
Subject Tagging update for 2.2.32
Date Sat, 07 Jan 2017 00:06:08 GMT

Since there are many fewer pairs of eyeballs on this branch, I've completed
builds across Linux, Windows, Solaris and HPUX (and trying to salvage my
AIX environment that went sideways).  One of my $dayjob teammates offered
to jump in, so he's been able to review 2.2.32-dev plus the following STATUS
proposals across all of those architectures with me today;

  [ New proposals should be added at the end of the list ]

  *) mod_proxy: Correctly consider error response codes by the backend when
     processing failonstatus. PR 59869
      Trunk version of patch:
      Backport version for 2.4.x of patch:
      Backport version for 2.2.x of patch:
      +1: ylavic, wrowe

  *) mod_proxy_connect: The connect method doesn't work if the client is
     connecting to the apache proxy through an ssl socket. Fixed.
     [Brad Boyer, Mark Cave-Ayland, Julian Gilbey, Fabrice Durand,
     David Gence, Tim Dodge, Per Gunnar Hans, Emmanuel Elango,
     Kevin Croft, Rudolf Cardinal]
     PR: 29744
     Trunk Patch:
                  [plus patch and changes noted above]
     This code has evolved in trunk/2.4.x (including fixes) since the original
     commit (r813178 in 2009), specifically r1642857 and r1670324 from 2.4.x.
     2.2.x old r813178 patch:
     Delta to proposed patch:
     2.2.x Proposed Patch:
     +1: wrowe, ylavic

  *) mod_proxy: Play/restore the TLS-SNI on new backend connections which
     had to be issued because the remote closed the previous/reusable one
     during idle (keep-alive) time.
     trunk patch:
     2.4.x patch:
     2.2.x patch:
     +1: ylavic, wrowe

  *) mod_proxy: Use the correct server name for SNI in case the backend
     SSL connection itself is established via a proxy server.  PR 57139
     trunk patch:
     2.4.x patch:
     2.2.x patch: trunk works (modulo CHANGES)
     +1: ylavic, wrowe

The other proves too much of a moving target to chase it today.

No regressions noted, everything looking good to him. I'd like to put
all these lingering proxy fixes to bed, since they are in 2.4.x, but we
need one more voulenteer/reviewer to make that happen.

In hopes that someone might review this weekend, I'll wait until first
thing Monday to tag and roll, but won't be delaying this any further.
This also gives me a chance to ensure it is building on AIX, once my
build environment is restored.


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