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From Jacob Champion <>
Subject Re: Autobuild Progress (was Re: Automated tests)
Date Tue, 31 Jan 2017 22:30:35 GMT
On 01/30/2017 05:39 PM, Daniel Ruggeri wrote:
> I'm tremendously inspired by this work. What are your thoughts on the
> idea of having a series of docker container builds that compile and run
> the test suite on various distributions? I'll volunteer to give this a
> whack since it's something that's been in the back of my mind for a long
> while...

I think that would be awesome. The cheaper we can make new test 
distributions, the easier we can test all sorts of different 
configurations (which, given how many knobs and buttons we expose, is 

I don't know how much of Infra's current Puppet/Buildbot framework is 
Docker-friendly, but if there's currently no cheap virtualization 
solution there for build slaves, then anything we added would 
potentially be useful for other ASF projects as well. Definitely 
something to start a conversation over.

(Side thought: since raw speed is typically one of the top priorities 
for a CI test platform, we'd have to carefully consider which items we 
tested by spinning up containers and which we ran directly on a physical 
machine. Though I don't know how fast Docker has gotten with all of the 
fancy virtualization improvements.)

> I think with the work you've done and plan to do, a step like above to
> increase our ability to test against many distributions all at once (and
> cheaply) and also making the test framework more approachable, we could
> seriously increase our confidence when pulling the trigger on a release
> or accepting a backport.

+1. It'll take some doing (mostly focused on the coverage of the test 
suite itself), but we can get there.

> I'm also a big fan of backports requiring tests, but am honestly
> intimidated by the testing framework...

What would make it less intimidating for you? (I agree with you, but I'm 
hoping to get your take without biasing it with my already-strong 
opinions. :D)


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