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From Daniel Ruggeri <>
Subject Confusing behavior w/ buckets in connection filter
Date Mon, 26 Dec 2016 14:21:39 GMT
Hi, all;

   I'm hoping just for a quick sanity check here... when consuming
buckets from the brigade inside a connection filter, I've seen that the
bucket length doesn't *appear* to accurately represent what data has
been made available when SSL is used.

const char *tmp_buf;
apr_size_t nbytes;
apr_bucket_read(b, &tmp_buf, &nbytes, APR_BLOCK_READ);

   The particular scenario is that apr_bucket_read tells me that 11
bytes were read according to nbytes... but a print of the string stashed
in the buffer shows many more. In fact, all data that should be
available at this time appears to be there (about as I would expect).
This seems to only happen when using SSL, FWIW. I consistently see 11
bytes as being read by apr_bucket_read... but all 48 expected bytes are
there (strlen as well as any other method of examining the input concurs).

   I'm sure I've made a goofy assumption or am thinking about this wrong
somewhere... but the mistake in my understanding escapes me. Any thoughts?

For context: I'm working on teaching mod_remoteip how to consume PROXY
protocol headers. This is a somewhat odd edge case where a connection
filter must be inserted before SSL... but that doesn't appear to be the
problem since I'm seeing the SSL handshake init (\x16\x03) right after
the raw bytes I'm wanting.

All the best to everyone during this holiday season!

Daniel Ruggeri

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