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From William A Rowe Jr <>
Subject PCRE 10 and puzzling edge cases
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2016 04:59:22 GMT
I've written the following patch to trunk to allow us to configure, compile
and link against PCRE2 (10.x). The autoconf in particular is streamlined
for cross-compilation detection, while retaining the ability to override
the path to (and name of) pcre[2]-config.

It isn't in a commit-ready state due to t/TEST t/apache/expr.t failures
(among others), and the defects appear to revolve around the way substring
patterns are recorded.

Attached the test failure cases (many similar test patterns do succeed,
interestingly.) One test looks outright wrong. I'd rather not beat my head
against these if the answer is blatantly obvious.

If anyone has patience for exploring this further, any help is welcomed.
Philip starts with this assertion; "The original, very widely deployed PCRE
library, originally released in 1997, is at version 8.39, and the API and
feature set are stable—future releases will be for bugfixes only. All new
future features will be to PCRE2, not the original PCRE 8.x series." But he
has gone on to state that many fuzzing error cases which are handled
correctly in PCRE2 cannot be realistically fixed in PCRE 8.x. I've placed
this up there with other parsing rewrites in httpd, that starting over is
simply the correct answer, and I'd like to see if we can have httpd 3.0
choosing PCRE2 over PCRE in the near future (and perhaps backport this if
we determine behavior is consistent.)



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