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From William A Rowe Jr <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r1774650 - /httpd/httpd/branches/2.4.x/modules/cache/mod_socache_memcache.mak
Date Sat, 17 Dec 2016 06:42:47 GMT
I'm torn whether this is a showstopper or not.

In all fairness, feature/enhancement crap modified 2.4.x branch as of;

Modified *Tue Dec 13 13:57:02 2016 UTC* (3 days, 16 hours ago) by *jim*

So the question is, is it fair to other platform maintainers to deal with
enhancements requiring build structure refactoring less than 3 days
prior to T&R? (And if you presume me a win32 platform maintainer,
you would be mistaken. I resuscitated my win32 environments
as of 4pm today across all my VMs, after some brutal force-update-
reboot crap by M$ after I configured it never to do that again. and
again. and...)

I'll leave this question for the RM to decide. Right now I can offer no
vote for or against.

We have another thread on how to fix this long term. I haven't used
the packaged .mak/.dep files in a decade, since I forked the APR
core build from the httpd build, and that isn't reflected in our httpd
distro. At this point, I'm not looking back, the CMake solution on
trunk seems like the one and only one correct solution, and some
proposal to scuttle .dsp from that tree will be arriving once I have
a reasonable solution to CMake's 'f' you, it is a fixed root' nightmare.

If this were an enhancement release, I would shrug my shoulders
and say 'feh, small bug, patch this.' Since this release is overloaded
with 10 months of security fixes, I'd suggest an entirely correct
tarball is to everyone's' benefit. That's why I can't +1 this otherwise
satisfactory tag.

I won't vote against this release, the sources are as best as we
can accomplish, correct, build issues notwithstanding.

On Fri, Dec 16, 2016 at 12:48 PM, <> wrote:

> Author: wrowe
> Date: Fri Dec 16 18:48:49 2016
> New Revision: 1774650
> URL:
> Log:
> Fix exported .mak output of mod_socache_memcache for '../generators'
> dependency
> Modified:
>     httpd/httpd/branches/2.4.x/modules/cache/mod_socache_memcache.mak
> Modified: httpd/httpd/branches/2.4.x/modules/cache/mod_socache_
> memcache.mak
> URL:
> modules/cache/mod_socache_memcache.mak?rev=1774650&r1=
> 1774649&r2=1774650&view=diff
> ============================================================
> ==================
> --- httpd/httpd/branches/2.4.x/modules/cache/mod_socache_memcache.mak
> (original)
> +++ httpd/httpd/branches/2.4.x/modules/cache/mod_socache_memcache.mak Fri
> Dec 16 18:48:49 2016
> @@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ CLEAN :
>      if not exist "$(OUTDIR)/$(NULL)" mkdir "$(OUTDIR)"
>  CPP=cl.exe
> -CPP_PROJ=/nologo /MD /W3 /Zi /O2 /Oy- /I "../../srclib/apr-util/include"
> /I "../../srclib/apr/include" /I "../../include" /D "NDEBUG" /D "WIN32" /D
> "_WINDOWS" /Fo"$(INTDIR)\\" /Fd"$(INTDIR)\mod_socache_memcache_src" /FD /c
> +CPP_PROJ=/nologo /MD /W3 /Zi /O2 /Oy- /I "../../srclib/apr-util/include"
> /I "../../srclib/apr/include" /I "../../include" /I "../generators" /D
> "NDEBUG" /D "WIN32" /D "_WINDOWS" /Fo"$(INTDIR)\\"
> /Fd"$(INTDIR)\mod_socache_memcache_src" /FD /c
>  .c{$(INTDIR)}.obj::
>     $(CPP) @<<
> @@ -166,7 +166,7 @@ CLEAN :
>      if not exist "$(OUTDIR)/$(NULL)" mkdir "$(OUTDIR)"
>  CPP=cl.exe
> -CPP_PROJ=/nologo /MDd /W3 /Zi /Od /I "../../srclib/apr-util/include" /I
> "../../srclib/apr/include" /I "../../include" /D "_DEBUG" /D "WIN32" /D
> "_WINDOWS" /Fo"$(INTDIR)\\" /Fd"$(INTDIR)\mod_socache_memcache_src" /FD
> /EHsc /c
> +CPP_PROJ=/nologo /MDd /W3 /Zi /Od /I "../../srclib/apr-util/include" /I
> "../../srclib/apr/include" /I "../../include" /I "../generators" /D
> "_DEBUG" /D "WIN32" /D "_WINDOWS" /Fo"$(INTDIR)\\"
> /Fd"$(INTDIR)\mod_socache_memcache_src" /FD /EHsc /c
>  .c{$(INTDIR)}.obj::
>     $(CPP) @<<

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