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From Petr Pisar <>
Subject Re: PCRE 10 and puzzling edge cases
Date Mon, 12 Dec 2016 09:52:02 GMT
On Fri, Dec 09, 2016 at 01:07:54PM -0600, William A Rowe Jr wrote:
> Thanks again, if there is anything that we didn't document well about
> getting the tests to run, we would like to fix that and make it easier for
> developers to cobble together their own test environment. We certainly don't
> want it to take hours for an experienced newcomer to get from point a to
> point b.
First problem was how to generate ./configure from SVN sources. Obvious
autoreconf or autoconf did not work because of some missing macros. Then
I found ./buildconf.

But it still failed because of missing APR sources despite I had installed
APR 1.5.4 including header files and M4 macros from my distribution packages.
Then I found in the documentation that building from SVN requires APR sources.
So I cloned APR sources. Then I was able to build httpd.

I wanted to run test, but there are no tests you complained about a failure.
After searching web, I got an idea that httpd-framework is what I need.

I made sure I have installed all Perl modules I found relevant, but I was
unable to run the tests against SVN httpd sources. I played with
LD_LIBRARY_PATH, apxs etc. but without any good result. At the end
I reconfigured httpd sources and installed the binaries into a /tmp
subdirectory and that allowed me to run the tests. It's quite annoying to have
to install httpd into the system just only to test it.

But still the tests failed because of an undefined symbol in a session test
module. The symbol was defined in the httpd session module but the session
module was not named by the LoadModule keyword in the generated
t/conf/httpd.conf. I did not found a way how to disable the session tests
other than removing c-modules/test_session/mod_test_session.c file.

Finally I obtained a pass.

I think the inability to build httpd against system APR and to run test
against not yet installed httpd is quite surprising.

-- Petr

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