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From William A Rowe Jr <>
Subject [Vote] Considering mod_bmx for adoption by HTTP Server Project
Date Wed, 30 Nov 2016 19:59:57 GMT
I'm pleased to conversations with the principal folks that Hyperic/VMW and
Pivotal are interested in passing along the mod_bmx codebase to the httpd
project, if we will have it.

Scoped by the Hyperic team to represent mod_status info in a flexible and
extensible bean-registry of items, which are reported over http in a
json-parsable format, and replaced the need for mod_snmp, it also extends
status insight into specific vhost activity, although this measurement
requires locking which may be too painful for some admins.

Written initially by out own Aaron Bannert contracting to Hyperic, it has
been maintained by Ryan Morgan and myself, along with other odd patches,
including recent fixes by Maxime Beck and folks on jfclere's team. Since we
are already spanning vendors, httpd seems like the perfect commons space to
further build on this work.

I have a champion to shepard code grant paperwork through
VMW/Hyperic/Pivotal signatories, if we choose to accepting the donation.

There seem to be two paths for us to accept this donation, so I'll put this
out as a three choice answer;

[  ] Accept mod_bmx into the httpd project as a module sub-project

[  ] Accept mod_bmx into the httpd trunk (for possible backport

[  ] Decline mod_bmx donation

Votes? Please feel free to switch the Subject: line to launch into
side-discussions about the source code, all inquiries are welcome.

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