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From Yann Ylavic <>
Subject Re: Frequent wake-ups for mpm_event
Date Sun, 21 Aug 2016 02:14:34 GMT
On Thu, Aug 18, 2016 at 3:17 PM, Yann Ylavic <> wrote:
> I was thinking of something like the attached patch, where we compute
> the exact/minimal timeout needed for the queues.
> It requires walking/locking the queues (looking at the first item
> only), but besides getting the exact poll() timeout which helps
> spurious wakeups, it also allows to avoid walking this queues after
> the poll() (previously each 0.1s, for maintenance) when not necessary.
> So overall I think it's a gain.

Finally I came up with another way which requires no walking (hence
locking) in the listener outside queues/timers processing (patch
It looks good to me, not heavily tested/debugged still...

The approach is, for both timeout queues and timers, to maintain the
next (lowest) expiry time of all entries (namely queues_next_expiry
and timers_next_expiry).
These global values are kept up to date in TO_QUEUE_APPEND (for
timeout queues) and event_get_timer_event (for timers, where the
skiplist is filled) by comparing the expiry of newly added entries
(already protected by their respective timeout/skiplist mutex).
This happens in the workers, and is cheap (locking was there already
to protect from concurrent workers), it just requires an
apr_pollset_wakeup to notice the listener whenever one of these
expiries is updated.

So now, in the listener, we can read these values directly to compute
the min poll() timeout to use, and also for the timeout queues to
determine whether or not it's time to process them.
If an expiry is updated while poll()ing, it's woken up and the timeout
is also updated.
No locking needed here, I use volatile reads which is enough (no
atomic/ordered read required, no apr_atomic_read64 to handle an
apr_time_t anyway) since the listener is garanteed to be woken up when

This also benefits the !listener_is_wakeable case (with a maximum
poll() timeout of 100ms), since we avoid the lock when no timer is
armed (we don't use timers in 2.4.x afaict), and also avoid spurious
timeout queues processing.

The patch includes Luca's (base of
APR_POLLSET_WAKEABLE handling) and also tries to make existing
critical sections as short as possible (barely related, but while at
it :)



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