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From Jacob Champion <>
Subject Multiple patches; any takers before T&R?
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2016 17:03:44 GMT
Hi all,

It may be too late now that the T&R machinery is in motion, but I'll 
bump some of my patchsets:


Quality-of-life improvements for users of the APXS tool, as well as some 
code cleanup for the script itself.


One possible implementation of a DUMP_INCLUDES option, which outputs a 
tree of Included file locations to help users learn about and debug 
their configurations. (This got a decent amount of interest on IRC! And 
appears to have a +1 from gsmith?)

- CMake:

On my Windows machine (running VS2015), the CMake build doesn't work out 
of the box. This is the set of patches I'm currently using to fix it.

(I originally posted that set to dev@ as a git branch during the 
mod_proxy_http2 build discussions. This morning, I rebased against trunk 
and put it up on Bugzilla, so it looks "newer" than it is.)

- FastCGI:

Some FastCGI implementations choke on the "proxy:fcgi" prefix that 
Apache adds to its SCRIPT_FILENAME. (PHP is apparently hardcoded to 
ignore this prefix. That is, IMHO, nasty.) This set strips that prefix 
before sending the FCGI request, and there's an autotest to catch 

There appears to be a significant amount of history behind that 
particular bug, so it may be best to treat it as just a point of 
conversation at first.

Thanks for your consideration!


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