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From Stefan Eissing <>
Subject Re: TIL
Date Thu, 28 Apr 2016 08:04:39 GMT

It seems that the core filter does things correctly and my reading of the code was wrong.
Thanks to Yann for analyzing this.

Time to find my own mistakes...thanks for your help!

> Am 28.04.2016 um 02:40 schrieb Yann Ylavic <>:
> On Wed, Apr 27, 2016 at 7:28 AM, Stefan Eissing
> <> wrote:
>>> Am 26.04.2016 um 23:57 schrieb Yann Ylavic <>:
>>> On Tue, Apr 26, 2016 at 4:49 PM, Stefan Eissing
>>> <> wrote:
>>>> Today I Learned the difference between writing
>>>> DATA + META
>>>> and
>>>> to the core output filters. I am astonished that
>>>> my code ever worked.
>>>> Seriously, what is the reason for this kind of
>>>> implementation?
>>> Do you mean why META could be destroyed before (setaside-)DATA, in
>>> remove_empty_buckets()?
>> Yes. That was unexpected. My understanding of the pass_brigade contract was that
buckets get destroyed in order of appearance (might be after the call).
> Actually after re-reading the code, the core output filter looks good to me.
> remove_empty_buckets() will only remove buckets up to DATA buckets,
> and indeed httpd couldn't work otherwise.

Ah! I see it now. So "remove_empty_head_buckets" would be a more telling name. And since any
buffered buckets are prepended before this is called, the bucket should only be destroyed
in the order they were passed.

Hmmm. Seems I jumped to conclusions. Glad that you took the time to review this.

>> The h2 use case is to pass a meta bucket that, when destroyed, signals the end of
life for data belonging to one stream. So all buckets before that one should have been either
destroyed or setaside already.
> That's looks very similar to how EOR works.

Steal with pride.

>> With http/1.x and EOR, my current reading of the code, this does not happen since
EORs are always FLUSHed.
> No, EOR is never flushed explicitly (sent alone in the brigade by
> ap_process_request_after_handler), the flush occurs if/when pipelining
> stops (or MAX_REQUESTS_IN_PIPELINE is reached).
> While requests are pipelined, so are responses (the usual case is not
> pipelining though, so EOR may look flushed, but not always...).

ap_process_request() does after (almost) each request, as I read it. (http_request.c#458)
That is why the http2 processing saw that pattern at the end of a request. But EOR and FLUSH
are not passed in the same call, it seems.

>> And even if, releasing the request pool early will probably go unnoticed as WRITE_COMPLETION
will read all memory *before* a new pool is opened on the conn pool.
> I debugged pipeling a few time ago and would have noticed it, accurate
> ap_run_log_transaction() depends on this too.
> This is not something that crashes httpd at least :)
>> This (again, if my reading is correct) does no longer hold in h2. request (stream)
starting and ending is happening all the time, conn child pools are created/destroyed all
the time.
>> What I saw was memory nullified, by assumedly, new apr_pcallocs, that should not
have been freed already. With more likelihood the more load and the less logging, of course.
> So I'm rather thinking of a pool lifetime issue in h2 buckets
> handling, did you see the comment in ap_bucket_eor_create(), the case
> does not seem to be handled in h2_beam_bucket_make() (if that's the
> bucket you are talking about).

As you noted in a later mail, h2_bucket_{eos,eoc}_destroy() are the ones cleaning up. One
for streams, one for the whole session. And I think I took care of different lifetimes of
bucket and stream/session pools. But I will go over that once again.

> I'm not familiar with your recent Beam changes, and don't know what
> lifetime the bucket is supposed to have, but couldn't your issue be
> that beam_bucket_destroy() is called too late?

It could be. The whole beam thing is easy to setup and use, but hard to tear down safely.
I am still struggling to find the best way to set that up, so that pools clearing in various
orders do not make it crash.

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