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From Jacob Champion <>
Subject [PATCH 59376] Provide an option to dump included configuration paths
Date Mon, 25 Apr 2016 23:09:56 GMT
Hi all,

I've posted a patch [1] that allows the server to dump the path to every
configuration file as it is included. The goal is to allow httpd
newbies, server admins inheriting legacy configurations, and forgetful
developers to see where their configurations are coming from at a glance.

Eric Covener and I briefly chatted about this feature on IRC, and he
brought up the related idea of a flat configuration dump, which I later
found is available in mod_info's DUMP_CONFIG. I see these two tools as
complementary: my option tells you "where", and DUMP_CONFIG tells you
"what". It also has the advantage that mod_info does not need to be
loaded to make use of it, which is nicer for support situations. (FWIW,
I would like to see DUMP_CONFIG's functionality eventually migrate to
the core.)

A paste with sample output from this option, on a Debian-style system:

Feedback welcome!



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