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Subject Re: Feedback needed: suexec different-owner patch
Date Fri, 01 Apr 2016 20:03:12 GMT
On 2016-03-30 16:35, Jacob Champion wrote:
>> Sorry, but that is not a good approach. You must assume that a local
>> attacker calls suexec directly and passes arguments of his liking.
>> That is the attack vector that suexec's rather annoying restrictions
>> try to avoid.
> Checking my own understanding... so if an attacker is able to make
> arbitrary calls to suexec as the httpd user (which requires another
> vulnerability to begin with) then with this patch, they are able to
> execute any scripts in the DocumentRoot as any user. Whereas before 
> they
> would have been limited to running scripts only as their owners. Is 
> that
> correct?

Yes, it's a plausible exploit.

> Other possible issues, not necessarily security-related:
> - It looks like the args passed to execv[e]() begin with the original
> argv[5] (the trusted group name) instead of the original argv[3] (the
> command to execute).

I was quite careful to add the new arguments to the end.  That way,
suexec can tell the difference between the new and old syntax
by the number of arguments.

> - There is also a compatibility change for suexec itself:
>     suexec target_uname target_gname cmd arg1 arg2 arg3
> will now interpret "arg1" and "arg2" as the trusted user and group,
> respectively. I don't know if suexec has any compatibility guarantees
> from release to release.
> (monttyle, please correct me if I've misread the patch.)

CGI being CGI, you don't really get arg1 arg2 arg3 in practice as I 
understand it.
Data is passed into stdin instead.

> A third approach from the original IRC discussion was to simply compile
> the "trusted" user/group directly into suexec, as another configured 
> option.
> --Jacob

You thought of it first...  That's probably what I'll try next.

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