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From Noel Butler <>
Subject Re: Status for 2.4.20
Date Fri, 25 Mar 2016 08:52:46 GMT
On 23/03/2016 22:27, Jim Jagielski wrote:

> I see your point and have no intent or desire to flame.
> Release Often is hardly a Bad Thing, at least IMHO. When the
> time is right for a release, then we release. It seemed a
> good time, again IMHO.
> My opinion that "this shit will happen" when, despite lots of
> notice of intent to tag, and reminders to test, etc.. people
> simply DON'T, wait for the test tarball, find breakage, and
> then apply major restructure/refactor "at the last minute".
> Sure, stuff that like occasionally will happen, and it is,
> after all, why we create test tarballs and call for a vote.
> But when it becomes the rule instead of the exception, then
> we have an issue w/ the process and the workflow.
> Frequent release, IMHO, are an indication of health and
> project vitality. When Apache httpd is suffering from the

You also need to look at it from the side of system admins, not just as 

Many admins see frequent releases as something that's bug riddled

You don't hear them saying the same about other software, eg: postfix, 
which releases not so frequently (though puts new things in the unstable 

Dovecot is a great example of release often with F-ups, and it doesn't 
take much to see that it has problems which need addressing soon after 
each release, phpmyadmin releases often, so often, even Marc got sick of 
it and decided there would be minimum monthly updates, instead of 
bi-weekly updates, I know admins running phpmyadmin thats over a year 
old because they got sick of upgrading every few days.

So it works both ways, releasing every 5 or 6 months shows an active 
_stable_ project, evervy month or two and it raises alarms.

But thats just my opinion which does tend to be a general consensus on 
many system admin lists/irc chans.

If you have the urge to reply to all rather than reply to list, you best
first read

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