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From Stefan Eissing <>
Subject Re: state of h2 (long)
Date Tue, 01 Mar 2016 10:44:00 GMT
I am very glad that someone is looking into this... if I can be of any help, let me know.

> Am 29.02.2016 um 22:55 schrieb Jacob Champion <>:
> On Mon, Feb 29, 2016 at 9:35 AM, William A Rowe Jr <> wrote:
>> On Sun, Feb 28, 2016 at 1:37 PM, Gregg Smith <> wrote:
>>> Hi Stefan,
>>> I've had a real lack of time lately to do much on trunk's mod_http2 on the
>>> windows side. The new mod_proxy_http2 requires a few functions from
>>> mod_http2 and with what time I have had I have been unsuccessful figuring
>>> out how to get these functions exported. So if you (or anyone else) can
>>> figure this out, I'd appreciate it
>> Looking at this today.
> Oops, I probably started duplicating some of your work then. In case
> it is still useful... my current work in progress is a set of three
> patches, up at
> The first two patches are general CMake changes:
> - use CMake generator expressions so that multi-configuration
> generators (e.g. Visual Studio 2015) can correctly install build
> artifacts like PDBs
> - a change to path quoting so that we can install to paths with quotes
> in them (e.g. "Program Files")
> The third patch is the one that gets mod_proxy_http2 compiling (export
> the three h2_iq symbols, fix up the APLOG usage, etc).
> I'm only just figuring out how to actually test the proxy module at
> runtime, though, so... caveat emptor.
>> Between Jeff's first effort @
>> and a broader effort w/
>> the cmake builds for nghttp2 look almost simple, which is what I'm looking
>> at for the moment.
> Ooh, nice! My MinGW build of nghttp2 this morning was a little
> painful... looking forward to having this.
> --Jacob

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