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From Steffen <>
Subject Re: Status for 2.4.20
Date Wed, 23 Mar 2016 11:22:46 GMT

Just did a export;

Diff with the vote 2.4.19 one:


For remove mod_lbmethod-rr:

And a bunch of .dep and mak files added

On Wednesday 23/03/2016 at 11:56, Jim Jagielski  wrote:
> Let's see: I recalled the vote for 2.4.19 because of a
> single issue, basically related to a missing few lines in
> a file which prevented building on Win. Nice, easy, simple
> fix.
> Now it appears that a slew of "fixes" related to Win have
> been applied which, according to some, makes the whole build-
> on-Win situation much much worse.
> Now I have no idea what the status of HEAD for 2.4 is and,
> as a result, we are delaying the T&R and eventual release of
> 2.4.19/20. All because a 4-line fix turned into a master-refactor
> at the last minute.
> I am tempted to revert 2.4 back...

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