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From NormW <>
Subject A future for mod_lua and NetWare?
Date Sat, 12 Mar 2016 21:12:49 GMT
G/M All.
When mod_lua hit httpd-trunk it was configured to have a single (global) 
memory pool, and NetWare compiled it and ran lua code as expected.

A later modification to mod_lua code introduced a memory pool per 
process and required shared memory, a function group that is not in 
NetWare's skill set. The present code can still be compiled by NetWare 
but when it is loaded into the web server, results in:

>             "mod_lua: Failed to create shared memory segment on file %s",
>                      lua_ivm_shmfile);

in the server logs.

The question then is:

1. Would it be desirable to support both pool modes using #ifdef 
APR_HAS_SHM to determine pool type used (this would affect at least 3 
files, mod_lua.c, lua_vmprint.c and lua_request.c);


Having having regard for code simplification, the better(?) (newer) pool 
system and the age of NetWare, just remove NetWare support from mod_lua?

For consideration,

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