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From NormW <>
Subject A (likely) simple question regarding mod_proxy_http2
Date Thu, 03 Mar 2016 21:36:26 GMT
Trying my limited knowledge at compiling modules\http2\mod_proxy_http2, 
and the compiler (no sniggering please) barfs in both source:
h2_proxy_session.c and mod_proxy_http2.c
with an error that says they (respectively) can't open mod_http2.h.

mod_http2.c has #include "mod_http2.h",
the above proxy source have #include <mod_http2.h>

Since the NetWare makefiles are always local to the built dir, AFAIK 
using <> in the #include means a system search path (-Ixxx) whereas the 
double quotes implies 'local dir', so change to #include "mod_http2.h" 
and it they compile nicely; an alternative would to add -I., but have 
never seen this to be necessary elsewhere in the httpd build system.

Any comments?

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