On Sun, Feb 28, 2016 at 1:37 PM, Gregg Smith <gls@gknw.net> wrote:
Hi Stefan,

I've had a real lack of time lately to do much on trunk's mod_http2 on the windows side. The new mod_proxy_http2 requires a few functions from mod_http2 and with what time I have had I have been unsuccessful figuring out how to get these functions exported. So if you (or anyone else) can figure this out, I'd appreciate it

Looking at this today.

Had some great luck during our hack at HackIllinois using cmake (my student
was having issues with linux on BusyBox and didn't have a whole lot of extra 
toolkit installed under windows, so we trying to run with the minimal extra
packages we could between the trunk repositories to build on Studio 2015).
I documented the efforts here, but so far this ignores openssl/http2...


Between Jeff's first effort @ https://github.com/trawick/nghttp2-minimal-cmake
and a broader effort w/ https://github.com/tatsuhiro-t/nghttp2/issues/448#issuecomment-182849066
the cmake builds for nghttp2 look almost simple, which is what I'm looking at
for the moment.

Huge props to everyone who's contributed on cmake for both httpd's build
and for our components!