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From Stefan Eissing <>
Subject mod_proxy_http2
Date Mon, 08 Feb 2016 17:07:13 GMT
FYI: I just checked in a very experimental mod_proxy_http2 that registers on h2:// and h2c://
proxy URLs. I did this naming to have the module totally separate from mod_proxy_http, not
wanting to make a mess. So a sample configuration looks like:

    <IfModule proxy_http2_module>
        <Proxy "balancer://h2-local">
            BalancerMember "h2://"
        ProxyPass "/h2proxy" "balancer://h2-local"
        ProxyPassReverse "/h2proxy" "balancer://h2-local"

For this to work I added a connection note "proxy-request-alpn-protos" that is used by mod_ssl
to set the ALPN protocols on the SSL instance.

The module so far re-uses connections from earlier requests, but does not do parallel requests
on one connection. So, there is no real benefit in using that right now. The idea is to get
it working nicely with frontend connections done via HTTP/2 so that multiple HTTP/2 streams
on the same frontend connection use a single proxy connection. That would be one step into

For the time being, I do not foresee this it be back ported to 2.4.x until more work is done

One thing: the ssl_hostname that is used for SNI by the generic proxy utils seems to get lost
when the socket needs to reset and is then not available on the next connect. That should
affect mod_proxy_http as far as I can tell. Maybe someone with more experience in that module
wants to take a look.



PS. I did not update Windows Makefiles. I feel bad.
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