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From Alexey Melezhik <>
Subject apache-swat project - need feedback!
Date Thu, 04 Feb 2016 11:07:57 GMT

Recently I have started apache-swat project , thanks to Bill
for supporting my first attempt -

As being newbie in apache project I'd be glad to get a feedback from
apache developers

* is it clear what apache-swat is?
* is it useful / helpful ?
* what things could be improved

About apache-swat in few words.

* apache-swat is test suites base to be run on local developer's environment
* test suites is on per issues basis, issues taken by me ( in almost )
random  ) mode from and get converted
into test scenarios
* everyone is encourage create new tests for existed or new issues
* apache-swat  tries to be as irrelevant as possible to your local
environment so allow tests suite installation / configuration process
with minimal efforts , a minimal conventions on your local environment

 - you have perl  ( almost any version )
 - you have cpan or cpanm ( to install swat cpan module )
 - you have git to checkout tests suite from
-  you have vanilla apache installed according or
 - and then you follow a simple instruction to bootstrap apache-swat tests suite

* tests sites could be run in whole chunk ( all tests ), just say:

  $ swat

* or you may run a certain test of your interest , mostly this is per
issue tests, for example:

 $ swat  -t 58854 # run tests for issue

Contributing to apache-swat:

* git fork
* write new tests for issue - t foo-bar-baz
* make github MR

Existed issues list covered by apache-swat


I have posted an information about apache-swat tests suite existence
to  proper Bugzilla issue pages.

Thanks in advance

Alexey Melezhik

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