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From Luca Toscano <>
Subject Re: Proposal for a new mod_event documentation page
Date Tue, 09 Feb 2016 21:38:49 GMT
After some feedbacks I updated the trunk documentation:

Please let me know if you like the new page and the new information
contained. In case, I'll backport the change to 2.4.x, otherwise I'll



2016-02-08 15:32 GMT+01:00 Luca Toscano <>:

> +dev for visibility
> ---------- Messaggio inoltrato ----------
> Da: "Luca Toscano" <>
> Data: 06 feb 2016 15:10
> Oggetto: Proposal for a new mod_event documentation page
> A: <>
> Cc:
> Hi Apache Devs!
> I started an email thread some days ago on the dev mailing list to gather
> information about mod_event, getting tons of interesting things to read. I
> attached to this email a draft of how the new page should look like in my
> opinion, please let me know your thoughts!
> Notes about the changes:
> - clear statement that event shares all the configuration directives with
> worker, together with the fact that the number of threads is regulated by
> processes multiplied by threads per child.
> - explanation of the new async connections fields in mod_status.
> - tried to add all the information about keep alives, writing and closing
> connections that I've gathered so far. I added a disclaimer for the writing
> ones and a big section called "limitations", but I have probably failed to
> describe all the closing ones (not only lingering closes I suppose, but I
> wasn't sure).
> - clear logic connection between how it works and the
> "AsyncRequestWorkerFactor" directive section (I am referring to the
> sentence "The event MPM handles some connections in an asynchronous way").
> Apologies for technical inaccuracies and/or typos!
> Luca

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