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From Stefan Eissing <>
Subject Re: mod_proxy_http2
Date Thu, 18 Feb 2016 09:27:45 GMT
Thanks, Rainer!

> Am 12.02.2016 um 18:28 schrieb Rainer Jung <>:
> I have renamed modules/http2/config.m4 to modules/http2/config2.m4 (note the "2" in front
of the ".m4" suffix). AFAIK this will result in modules/http2 being handled after the module
dirs which contain a normal config.m4. Thus the http2 modules get added after mod_proxy to
the DSO_MODULES list and the generated httpd.conf will contain their LoadModule behind the
ones for mod_proxy.
> I have also added mod_proxy as a prerequisite in the m4 macro for mod_proxy_http2.
> I hope it works as designed ...
> Regards,
> Rainer
> Am 10.02.2016 um 16:41 schrieb Rainer Jung:
>> At this point just a reminder, I might look for it myself:
>> the config generated for me tries LoadModule for mod_proxy_http2 before
>> mod_proxy and fails, because it can't find the symbol mod_proxy. I guess
>> we need to ensure, that the LoadModule lines we generate for httpd.conf
>> put mod_proxy_http2 after the one for mod_proxy. The current other proxy
>> modules are already behind mod_proxy.

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