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From Alexey Melezhik <>
Subject collaboration request - apache server automation testing with swat tool
Date Wed, 27 Jan 2016 20:53:48 GMT
Hi! I am the author of swat - -
perl/curl based DSL for web services test automation.
I'd like to contribute in at apache server automated testing. Please
take a look at _simple_ example of swat test suite for apache web
server -

Some swat features ( more info could be found at ) which possibly could be of
interested for you:

* swat is DSL for rapid test scenarios development for various web
services and application
* swat is written on Perl and could be extended by Perl if you need
something more complicated when  DSL is not enough
* swat has minimal dependencies ( mostly core perl modules plus few
CPAN ones )  and easy to install
* swat relies on perl prove as internal test runner and so yield test
reports  in portable TAP format
* swat relies on curl to make http requests against tested
application, so there is almost no limit for you - sending, saving
cookies, complicated http headers, make html form uploads, etc
* swat allow both simple (smoke) tests development and complicated
integration tests - with sequential, coupled http requests, saving
intermediate state, code reuse, etc. This is classical program API for
complex things combined with intuitive simple DSL ( for simple and
medium things )

* not only httpd server but other a Apache Foundation products could
be tested with swat ( tomcat, ... ) - take a look at - central swat test suite repository to get
more examples.

I'd be glad to get feedback from you guys.

Feel free to ask any further questions.

Alexey Melezhik - the author of swat and sparrow.

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