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From Scott Munson <>
Subject HTML hyperlink tag disconnect during rewrite in mod_proxy_html
Date Wed, 06 Jan 2016 02:00:24 GMT
We're seeing some unexpected behavior when attempting to proxy hyperlink tags and was wondering
if anyone recognized this behavior as an existing issue or due to something else. The behavior
always occurs when a hyperlink tag becomes associated in a parent child (or vice versa) relationship
with a table. After running through proxy, the resultant HTML always moves the child nodes
of the hyperlink up to be a sibling of the hyperlink instead of remaining children. E.g. <a><table/></a>
becomes <a></a><table/> Example appears below, although other flavors exist
such as a hyperlink within a table <a>text here</a> becoming <a></a>text
here. Our httpd configuration includes libxml2, mod_proxy_html, and mod_xml2enc for proxying.
The entire additional conf file follows the HTML example below.

The behavior occurs as long as ProxyHTMLEnable is on but regardless of whether or not there
are ProxyHTMLLinks found that match anything in proxy-html.conf. At least one mapping must
remain present in order to cause the behavior. E.g. comment out all but "ProxyHTMLLinks form
action" and the following example will continue to exhibit the behavior.

Hyperlink tags not associated with a table are handled as expected. When configuring such
that hyperlink href attributes should be rewritten results in proper rewrites of the attribute
but the node movement behavior still persists. Any insight is much appreciated.

<!DOCTYPE html>
      <title>testing mod_proxy_html</title>
      <a href="">
               <td>table wrapped by &lt;a&gt;</td>


LoadFile   /usr/lib/
LoadModule proxy_html_module lib/apache/
LoadModule xml2enc_module lib/apache/

ProxyRequests off

Include /etc/httpd/conf/extra/proxy-html.conf

ProxyPass /proxytest
ProxyHTMLURLMap /proxytest

<Location /proxytest/>
   ProxyHTMLEnable On

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