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From Mike Rumph <>
Subject Re: mod_fcgid and broken doc links
Date Wed, 13 Jan 2016 15:03:34 GMT
A background for this request can be seen in bug report 56121.
This bug also describes a manual method for working around this problem.

On 1/12/2016 10:13 AM, Rich Bowen wrote:
> mod_fcgid is in a separate repo from the main httpd tree, due to
> historical reasons. I presume there are good reasons for this. JimJag
> suggested on IRC it's due to its independent release cycle.
> Be that as it may, because it uses the standard documentation tools for
> the module docs,
> is full of broken links. In particular, try any of the directive and
> links to other modules - try the mod_cgi or AddHandler links in the
> intro paragraph, and you'll see immediately what the problem is.
> Now, we could of course have a separate version of the docs building
> tools just for this module, or we could patch the doc manually, but I
> was wondering, if there's no strong current reason for the module to be
> kept separate, can we please move it into the main httpd tree?
> (Note that exactly the same situation applies to mod_ftp, but there's
> just fewer links from that doc so we don't hear it as often.)
> --Rich

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