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From Stefan Eissing <>
Subject mod_status, server, protocol
Date Wed, 20 Jan 2016 16:26:18 GMT
I'd like some feedback to a small scoreboard/mod_status patch. It makes the following changes:
- new method ap_update_child_status_from_server(ap_sb_handle_t *sbh, int status, conn_rec
*c, server_rec *s); in the API
- mod_ssl uses that to announce servers selected by TLS servername *before* the first request
comes in for vhost
- worker_score has an additional member char protoccol[16] that records ap_get_protocol(c)
when a connection is given in an update
- mod_status introduces a new columne 'Protocol' for displaying the connection protocol used.
- vhost is no longer NULLed when a request ends
- status SERVER_READY explicitly clears client/vhost/request/protocol

1. I am not sure if it is sensitive to add a columns to mod_status output. It is html after
2. 16 bytes for protocol seems much, but 8 is too little for http/1.1 and websocket would
also need more...
3. http/1.1 clear and http/1.1+tls could be worth a differentiation, but not done for now
4. I was considering to show some HTTP/2 information in the "Request" field, but maybe that
is only confusing?

Feedback appreciated.


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