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From "Mark Thomas"<>
Subject Re: reverse proxy wishlist
Date Thu, 03 Dec 2015 20:26:38 GMT

On 2015-12-03 14:59, Jim Jagielski <> wrote: 
> I put out a call on Twitter regarding this, but wanted to
> close the loop here as well.
> What would *you* like to see as new features or enhancements
> w/ mod_proxy, esp reverse proxy. I was thinking about some
> sort of active backend monitoring, utilizing watchdog, which
> could also maybe, eventually, pull in performance and load
> data for the backend for a more accurate LB provider. But
> what about new LB methods? Any ideas there?
> tia.

With my Tomcat hat on:

HTTP/2 support for mod_proxy_http
HTTP upgrade support for mod_proxy_ajp (we'll need to do work on the Tomcat side as well)
Improved WebSocket support in mod_proxy_wstunnel [1].

I'm happy to help out on the Tomcat side of things where required.


[1] The mod_wstunnel assumes (at least it did the last time I looked at it) that all requests
under a given URL space will be WebSocket requests. That doesn't seem to be the way many apps
are being implemented. It would be great if mod_proxy would allow both mod_proxy_[ajp|http]
and mod_proxy_wstunnel to be mapped to the same URL space with the 'right' one being selected
based on the request.
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