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From William A Rowe Jr <>
Subject Re: 2.4 pause - mod_http2 patchset Upgrade h2c vs mod_ssl Upgrade tls
Date Mon, 07 Dec 2015 18:02:01 GMT
Here's my thoughts to address this rather quickly for 2.4.18 to keep
ourselves on track; simply move the core protocol handling phase and
ap_switch_protocol action into the appropriate request processing phase,
address the fail-cases of the ap_switch_protocol exceptions that have
been overlooked so that users can start leveraging the API, and just fix
the mod_ssl OPTIONS * advertisement as presented on trunk (I am
updating STATUS in a moment for that patch).

The actual fix to incorporate mod_ssl TLS upgrade to work within the
Protocol API can wait, so we don't further disrupt the overdue fixes
for the mod_http2 feature for our users.  Although I would -like- them
to coexist nicely, I don't believe that must happen until 2.4.19.  If the
SSLOptions optional works within one vhost, and Protocol h2c works
on another vhost, I think we are in good shape for the experimental
new feature release.


On Mon, Dec 7, 2015 at 10:38 AM, William A Rowe Jr <>

> Hi folks, sorry for the late interruption after we have already shipped
> 2.4.16, but there seems to be an issue that merits revisiting before the
> 2.4.16 API schema is widely adopted.
> We seem to have misplaced the upgrade handler in the wrong hook.  This is
> easily shown by the fact that we had two different upgrade paths between
> mod_ssl TLS upgrade, and h2c upgrade paths, and a crufty patch to solve the
> OPTIONS * request exception which isn't an exception at all per RFC7230.
> In mod_ssl connection upgrade we once emitted the TLS upgrade header in
> fixups.  Fixups are bypassed by OPTIONS *.  My trunk patch moved this
> mod_ssl TLS upgrade handling to post read req, leaving OPTIONS * with its
> simple behavior.
> In h2c this exists in an upgrade handler, and OPTIONS * was hacked to
> invoke this function.  Problem, it is a transport (hop by hop) detail and
> should not be presented in the request, but rather in the connection
> hooks.  Moreover, none of the other *request* processing phases appear
> valid prior to conducting the h2c upgrade, and some appear that they can be
> harmful to the admin attempting to configure Protocol h2c.
> The relevant specs are clear, it is a hop-by-hop connection transport
> offer carried over the request headers.  It is not generally subject to
> auth processing, certainly not resource processing.  The underlying request
> must still be satisfied.  The current Protocols logic doesn't appear to do
> this because it was based off of tangential specs such as h2c that don't
> override 2616bis.  If we consider that a "method" has a "handler", and
> transfer "headers" are "filtered" it becomes more obvious.  This is not the
> UPGRADE method.
> makes things more
> interesting, it calls out that 101-continue and the request body read
> precedes the 101-switching protocols.  Not sure who decided that would be a
> good idea, sigh... but mod_ssl TLS upgrade has these reversed for several
> good reasons including the intent to encrypt the request body if present
> and simple economics of processing.
> I think that handling upgrade advertisement and alerting must be in post
> read req, bypassing all request hooks until the 101-continue is presented,
> any small request body read and set aside for the http input brigade, and
> 101-switching protocols is presented.  This allows the request to still be
> processed for tls-style upgrades, or discarded for relevant protocols.
> The beginning of a patch is attached, I note that the ap_switch_protocol
> return value was never properly interpreted and my patch doesn't begin to
> catch all of the exceptional cases.  Because 101-switching protocols has
> already been sent, if the call fails to perform an upgrade, it seems we
> need to respond with a generic 400 switch failed unless the registered
> protocol switch handler is going to ap_die with a different sort of
> specific error (e.g. "A server MUST NOT switch protocols unless the
> received message semantics can be honored by the new protocol; an OPTIONS
> request can be honored by any protocol.")
> Stefan and other protocol gurus, please have a look at the proposed patch,
> thanks.
> Bill

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