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From William A Rowe Jr <>
Subject Re: Broken 2.4 ./configure
Date Wed, 02 Dec 2015 22:16:21 GMT
On Wed, Dec 2, 2015 at 3:06 PM, Reindl Harald <>

> Am 02.12.2015 um 21:53 schrieb William A Rowe Jr:
>> It seems nghttp2 1.2.1 is no longer supported?  If we are missing an
>> #include, let's fix, and if we want to drop support, that's fine too, but
>> ./configure needs to reject the invalid version of nghttp2.
Note that we couldn't normally drop support for an older nghttp2,
but mod_http2 was clearly tagged as experimental, so packagers
who pick it up and enable it are responsible for keeping up.

Reindl identifies one distribution that will be immediately burned
by picking up 2.4.18 without also bumping nghttp2 to 1.3 or later...

This is the version shipping on FC22...
>> nghttp2.x86_64                       1.2.1-1.fc22
> unconfirmed
> [builduser@buildserver:~]$ rpm -q httpd
> httpd-2.4.17-2.fc22.20151012.rh.x86_64

We are on two different pages, I'm speaking of branches/2.4.x at 2.4.18-dev,
based on current backports.  I wasn't commenting on the previous release.

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