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From Stefan Eissing <>
Subject async mpms + http2
Date Tue, 15 Dec 2015 15:44:27 GMT
I just committed a change in mod_http2 that will return idle connections back to the mpm, expecting
to be invoked again when new data arrives. I learned quite something about event (have not
looked much at motorz yet) and am thinking about improvements. If knowledgeable people could
give me a hand here, I'd highly appreciate it.

Observation 1: mapping conn_states
  As I understand it, the connection state model, as defined in conn_state_e, enables asynchronous
processing in two states:
  a. CONN_STATE_CHECK_REQUEST_LINE_READABLE, check read, invoke ap_run_process_connection()
on data
  b. CONN_STATE_WRITE_COMPLETION, check write, if data is still in out filters

  An invocation of ap_run_process_connection() is expected to return, usually in WRITE_COMPLETION
state. Then any data is attempted to be written. When this succeeds, the next state depends
on secondary flags such as c->aborted, c->keepalive and c->data_in_input_filters.

  HTTP/2 processing has one state where it fits into this model: when no more streams are
open. This is what is currently implemented in trunk. 

  However, there is another state in HTTP/2 processing, where a BLOCK_READ is performed: flow
control on streaming out responses. Basically, the client has a window of n bytes, the server
sends n response bytes and then needs to wait for the client to increase the window again.
This would be a good time to resume processing back to the mpm, and initially I did so. But
that breaks under load.

  Under load, the event mpm feels free to close connections in certain states - I think CONN_STATE_CHECK_REQUEST_LINE_READABLE.
That is fine for a HTTP/1 connection as it always is between requests here. But HTTP/2 would
also like to use read events, but unloading a child by closing such connections is not the
right thing to do.

  Is there a way mod_http2 can achieve this or do we need another flag in conn_rec/cs?

Observation 2: controlled close
  HTTP/2 would like to send out a last frame when closing a connection in a controlled/timeout
way. Do we need another hook for that? Something like "pre_close_connection"?
Observation 3: timeouts
  a. If admins would like to have another Timeout for HTTP/2 connections, they are currently
stuck with configuring one Timeout which goes to server_rec->timeout, right? For idle connections,
clients already try to keep it open longer. It would be nice to give admins a choice here
for different values based on the selected protocol. How to best do this?

  b. Handling own timeouts: if I want, during processing the connection, a different socket
timeout, I can just set it using apr_socket_timeout_set()? Shall I restore it back to server->timeout
before returning?

  c. What would be the best way to wait for a file description *and* conditional event simultaneously?
mod_http2 has now a sort of pool loop with double backup timer for situations where it needs
to watch both client and backend processes.



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