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From Jacob Champion <>
Subject Re: Upgrade Summary
Date Thu, 10 Dec 2015 22:18:13 GMT
Okay, I finally have actual code to share. This is the original 
experimental pre_protocol_switch hook that Stefan and I were talking 
about a while ago [1], rebased onto 2.4.18. The two patches are available at

It is *not* an implementation of Stefan's most recent pseudocode (a 
primary difference is that his proposal does the filter + upgrade in one 
hook instead of two), and it doesn't solve many of the use cases that 
you've already agreed must be handled:

- 100-continue is not handled correctly
- the incoming request body is not correctly dealt with
- there is only one switch point, at the handler stage
- etc.

*But* it is a working implementation from mod_websocket's point of view, 
so I offer it up primarily for informational purposes. The module making 
use of the new hook is available at

You might be most interested in the mod_websocket_pre_protocol_switch() 
implementation (line 1627), which contains the pre-upgrade checks I need 
to do to remain compliant with RFC 6455.

== Asides ==

1) The current Protocols API does not correctly ignore upgrades from 
HTTP/1.0 requests; the latest commit to my experimental branch patched this.

2) As Stefan and I discussed in [1], Upgrade header values are 
case-sensitive (correct?), but the RFC 6455 declares that servers should 
respond to any protocol that's a case-insensitive match for "websocket". 
To make matters worse, the official IANA upgrade token is "WebSocket", 
but the RFC uses "websocket" throughout. I have seen both used in the 
wild (Autobahn uses WebSocket; Firefox uses websocket), and I'm not sure 
what the right way to resolve this is.

Hope this helps. Again, I don't expect this to actually be part of the 
final solution, but sometimes it's nice to see code.



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