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From Jacob Champion <>
Subject Re: On the Upgrade request body limit
Date Tue, 08 Dec 2015 21:00:10 GMT
On 12/08/2015 12:45 PM, Jim Jagielski wrote:
> Well....
> We are not NGINX. We are also not Microsoft. We don't create HTTP
> response codes willy-nilly. We actually try to *honor* the actual
> specs.

Yes, I agree 100%. :) Trust me, I've dealt with enough non-standard HTTP 
"extensions"; I'm not suggesting we just start doing stuff willy-nilly.

There are people who have worked on those specs on this mailing list, 
though, who might be interested in making official improvements and 
additions -- or have opinions on why those additions would not actually 
be improvements. This seemed like a nice place to talk about it, since 
we have implementation experts who can weigh in. If that's not on topic, 
I can try to take it somewhere else.


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