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From Stefan Eissing <>
Subject variables
Date Wed, 16 Dec 2015 11:40:25 GMT
I would like to expose some HTTP/2 properties, for example "HTTP2=on|off" similar to what mod_ssl
does with HTTPS and other SSL variables. Current implementation does not look like something
to repeat, at first glance, but maybe it's the only way...

The optional function ssl_is_https is used:
- from many modules
- server/util_expr_eval.c

The optional function ssl_var_lookup is used:
- from even more modules
- *not* in server

Subprocesses get their environment via r->subprocess_env, filled via the "fixups" hook.
This is the usual way how we involve modules in request processing. But, as I read it, subprocess_env
gets filled with all variables for every request, even though they maybe never read? Hmm,
probably a little late to do anything about that without code breakage.

So, the least work and most 2.4.x compatible way for mod_http2 is to mimmic the mod_ssl way.
http2_is_http2() and http2_var_lookup(), optional. Add fixups hook for subprocess_env, add
$HTTP2 handling to server/util_expr_eval.c for checks in config/htaccess?


PS. For trunk, it might be a nice TODO to add a variable registry that allows lazy evaluation.
Like with
  struct ap_var_handler_t {
    const char *name;
    const char *lookup(struct ap_var_handler_t *h, server_rec *s, conn_rec *c, request_rec
    void *ctx;
    int server_specific :1;
    int conn_specific :1;
    int cacheable :1;
    int scope_config :1;
    int scope_subprocess :1;

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