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From William A Rowe Jr <>
Subject Re: apr_token_* conclusions (was: Better casecmpstr[n]?)
Date Wed, 25 Nov 2015 20:11:32 GMT
On Wed, Nov 25, 2015 at 1:50 PM, Jim Jagielski <> wrote:

> My point is that we use it to compare, for example,
> "FoobARski!" with "foOBArsKi!", not "Ébana?" with "ébana?" or "ebana?"
> In that way I mean "ascii"

But that isn't precisely what you wrote.  It happens to be ASCII here
we are corresponding in some offshoot of ISO646 (and yours might be
than mine, but gmail resolved it).  We have an EBCDIC modality for APR and
for httpd, and in that case, it is exactly what you meant (only A-Z, a-z)
not what you wrote :)

> Heck, we may as well say that we really aren't comparing
> "strings" at all, just arrays of 8bit characters :)

True, almost.  That's why I reiterated that the 8-bit values are largely
opaque to the "C" locale.  As long as A-Z, a-z behave as 'we' expect
with protocol conformance, we aren't so worried about the rest, and
that applies equally in ASCII or EBCDIC or Baudôt.

Anyway, that was my final post about the name... at this
> point I'd just like to see the actual improvement get completely
> folded in and used so we (and our users) can start enjoying the
> benefit.

In terms of your perceived optimization, I'd hate to have the result that
hobbled users gain a faster strcmp implementation while others realize a
slower implementation, and I'm thinking of non-locale aware BSD.  That's
often the case with "optimizations" that don't consider what the clib
maintainers are able to accomplish with specialized knowledge of the
target architecture (especially MMX operations across arrays of characters).

And we long ago decided that APR really isn't cut out for those sorts of

I'm also waiting for feedback about the naming convention, I'd like to get
this into APR yesterday and start building on it, but it's hard to name our
generic-posix tolower/toupper until we agree on the naming scheme :)

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