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From Jose Kahan <>
Subject Weird interaction between mod_dir and [P] rewrites
Date Tue, 24 Nov 2015 18:28:12 GMT

This is something that has changed in 2.4 compared to 2.2.

When I follow the simple scenario (attached file) in a fresh 
install of apache, mod_dir is affecting the first value of 
DirectoryIndex to my request before it is being proxied. 

In 2.2, I was used to browse "https:/example,com/foo/" and have 
this being proxied to a backend as "". 
But now in 2.4.7, mod_dir is first converting "/foo/" to
"/foo/index.html" and then sending the proxy request as

Do you know if this is an intended feature or a bug? I would
expect the backend, and not the frontend, to decide what
it wants to add to a url ending by "/".

The code in mod_dir has changed and there's a section with a comment
saying that it steps aside when it detects it is inside a mod_rewrite
fixup. It seems to be missing a provision for proxy requests.

rbowen helped me test this against 2.4.17/fedora. I tested it against
2.4.10/debian jessie with the same result.

Thanks! Cheers.


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