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From Chris <>
Subject Fwd: mod_http2 protocols directive broken
Date Fri, 16 Oct 2015 09:00:54 GMT
Hi guys.

Was excited to see the module got added to 2.4.17 but I cannot get it
to work in my testing following information from this url.

So what is confirmed working?

I compiled apache with the appropriate configure flag.

I can confirm in the error log the module loads.

However the protocols directive seems to be ignored, testing with both
curl and nghttp2, confirm only http 1.1. is used.  I have tried using
invalid syntax on the protocols directive to cause an error but the
server starts anyway without error as if it ignores the value, I have
tried the value in both the server config and vhost which has no

Any ideas?

I have been testing on both http and https and both stuck on http 1.1.


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