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From "John Dougrez-Lewis" <>
Subject Apache Module Development Query on character encodings.
Date Tue, 20 Oct 2015 19:23:02 GMT


I'm considering writing an Apache Module that will involve using libxml2 and


I need to be able to service and respond to requests as follows:


For processing with libxml2:


Request Input character encoding => UTF-8 

processing of UTF-8

UTF-8 => Response output character encoding


For processing with CLucene:


Request Input character encoding => UCS-2 (fixed width 16-bit Unicode)

processing of UCS-2

UCS-2  => Response output character encoding


I'm new to Apache Modules, but have read Nick Kew's book (which is very


The input and output buffers appears to be 8-bit char* based but I can't see
any references to specific encodings.


How do I go about massaging the input & output into UTF-8 and fixed width
16-bit Unicode?


Are there any good references on how to achieve this?








John Dougrez-Lewis


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