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From Nick Kew <>
Subject Re: Improve Apache performance on high load (prefork MPM) with multiple Accept mutexes (Patch attached)
Date Mon, 26 Oct 2015 11:14:16 GMT
On Mon, 2015-10-26 at 08:45 +0000, Yehezkel Horowitz wrote:
> Any chance someone could take a short look and provide me a feedback
> (of any kind)?

A patch posted here may get lost, especially if it's
not simple and obvious enough for instant review and
understanding.  Posting it as an Enhancement request
in Bugzilla would leave a record of it.

> 1.      Do you think this is a good implementation of the suggested
> idea? 

If a threaded MPM really isn't an option (for most users the
obvious solution), then the question is what works for you.

> 3.      Would you consider accepting this patch to the project? 
> If so, could you guide me what else needs to be done for acceptances?
> I know there is a need for configuration & documentation work - I’ll
> work on once the patch will be approved…

Unlikely it would get in to a future 2.2 release unless it
fixed something much more than an arcane performance problem
(arcane because because it only happens when you reject
conventional ways to boost performance, like another MPM). 

How well does your patch apply to trunk?

If you don't want to go in that direction, you could
post somewhere always available for anyone interested.
Our bugzilla would serve, as would somewhere else you
publish from, like github or a personal site.

Nick Kew

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