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From Daniil Iaitskov <>
Subject Trailer and Hop-By-Hop contradition
Date Tue, 29 Sep 2015 09:40:33 GMT
Hi List,

I am patching HTTP proxy module to pass trailing headers from a client to
an origin server.

I want it to be compatible with RFCs, and I was stumbled with 2 statements

1. Trailer header is hop-by-hop so it cannot be transferred to outgoing
    (RFC2616 13.5.1 - it's obsolete by RFC7230, RFC7231, RFC7232,
    RFC7233, RFC7234, RFC7235, but they don't mention the ban list anymore).
2. Names of trailing headers must be declared in the Trailer header
    (RFC7230 4.4).

It's quite absurd, because first proxy drops Trailer and second one drops
trailing headers because they are not declared in the Trailer.

What did I miss here?
Is it possible to use trailers with proxies and obey RFCs?


Daneel Yaitskov

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