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From Kaspar Brand <>
Subject Re: [RFC] Enable OCSP Stapling by default in httpd trunk
Date Sun, 06 Sep 2015 13:09:23 GMT
On 05.09.2015 13:06, Tim Bannister wrote:
> It's not just conventional browsers. I think automated / embedded
> HTTP clients will also benefit from stapling, either because
> networking filters would block a conversation between the client and
> the CA's OCSP responder, or the extra latency from using conventional
> OCSP is a problem.

That hope is mostly futile: OpenSSL e.g., presumably quite popular
for implementing such clients, does not include any readily available
support for enabling OCSP checking in client mode. And even if a library
has some sort of knob for turning it on (Sun^WOracle's CertPath provider
e.g.), you'll mostly find that they don't handle stapled responses.
Consider yourself happy if a client at least does some sort of hostname
verification (see for
further background, the situation didn't change fundamentally since then).

> For another example of a non-interactive application implementing
> OCSP, look at the Exim mail transfer agent (which can be both client
> and server).

SMTP with STARTTLS isn't a useful example, sorry... it's opportunistic
encryption only in the best case, and for MTA communications, DANE-EE
( looks
like a more promising approach.


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