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From NormW <>
Subject modules\http2 - structure initializing.
Date Tue, 25 Aug 2015 22:53:44 GMT
Herewith an svn diff that implements line-by-line initialization of 
three structures (no idea if there's a technical term for it) in place 
of the list method now used, e.g struct x = { , , , }.

I acknowledge upfront that 'my' somewhat dated compiler cannot handle 
the list method, whereas the method portrayed in the diff is totally 
acceptable to it.

However, I find the 'list' method less easier to 'read' as the struct 
elements are not 'visible', and one has to locate the struct definition 
itself to see what is being set to what. The method as illustrated by 
the patch is clearer (to my mind) and not affected by the order of the 
elements within the primary structure.

Lastly I noticed at least one case recently where my diff 'simplified' 
because a struct was changed to the _suggested_ method, with the primary 
struct being created by a memset(); perhaps that's a similar change 
needed in these cases also?


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