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From Stefan Eissing <>
Subject test base line
Date Thu, 09 Jul 2015 11:46:25 GMT
I need some help with establishing a test baseline. I checked out the test framework from, followed the README and ran the
tests against a freshly installed 2.4.x in /opt/httpd/2.4-plain. It did PASS with the default
httpd.conf, but many tests were skipped due to modules missing.

I tried enable some more modules like mod_ssl or mod_rewrite and all of these attempts led
to test failures and perl errors such as 
"t/security/CVE-2011-3368-rewrite.t .. 1/3 # Failed test 1 in t/security/CVE-2011-3368-rewrite.t
at line 13
Can't call method "print" on an undefined value at t/security/CVE-2011-3368-rewrite.t line
My perl is the default Ubuntu 14.04 perl 5.18.

Is this a failure on my part or is the system supposed to operate like this? I am a bit confused...

Thanks for the help,


<green/>bytes GmbH
Hafenweg 16, 48155 Münster, Germany
Phone: +49 251 2807760. Amtsgericht Münster: HRB5782

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