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From William A Rowe Jr <>
Subject Showstoppers
Date Mon, 06 Jul 2015 15:38:21 GMT
Hope everyone enjoyed a nice weekend, and a good holiday for those here in
the States!

On 2.4, one significant issue remains unsettled...

  *) mod_alias: Limit Redirect expressions to directory (Location) context
     and redirect statuses (implicit or explicit).
     trunk patch:
     2.4.x patch: trunk works (modulo CHANGES)
     +1: ylavic, jim

  *) Revert insufficiently thought-out mod_alias new expression feature
     +1: wrowe, jim
     [Mutually exclusive to multiple RedirectMatch patches proposed above,
     but entirely possible to vote for both or vote against either.
     [docs/manual .xml's require 'build all' regeneration]

Graham, as an original author back in January, you are in the best position
to review this fix for correctness.  Alternately, if someone is already
reviewing that patch and can complete, we can avoid backing out this
enhancement for a next attempt to T&R.  Backing it out is actually as
simple as a veto of the backport, but framed the choice as a vote to be
diplomatic.  I for one would support the backport once again after we've
successfully released a

On 2.2, one significant issue remains unsettled...

  *) http: follow up to r1686271 (trunk) => r1686271 (2.4.x)
     Handle reentrance of state BODY_CHUNK_CR to avoid AH02901 when we eat
     BWS from multiple reads, and limit number of chunk-BWS to 10.
     trunk patch:
     2.2.x patch: trunk works
     +1: ylavic, wrowe

This one is a bit simpler to review, and mirrors what is already approved
on 2.4 branch.

I'm hoping to tag and roll 2.2 later this afternoon, and I recall Jim
suggesting he's itching to T&R 2.4 early this week, so just more one pair
of eyeballs could get us to that point.  If you can, my thanks to you in


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