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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Proxy balancer providers and aging
Date Wed, 24 Jun 2015 20:12:09 GMT
All LBmethods have an "age" function which is designed to appropriately
"age" the data so that things even out after awhile. Of course, right
now, none actually *uses* that.

But I think the reason is because there is no real good way,
currently, in mod_proxy to do that...

Well, in the LBmethod I was hacking away on, it really DOES need
its age function, and currently it's doing so via mod_watchdog.
But the more I think of it, ideally, mod_proxy *itself* should
create the watchdog thread and just handle the age itself, rather
than having a LBmethod provider having to be responsible for
creating that (it also kind of destroys the abstraction that pure
providers should have, imo)...

Anyway... anyone opposed to me adding this to mod_proxy in
trunk with hope towards it backporting to 2.4? It does mean
that mod_proxy will now have a dependency on mod_watchdog.

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