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From Tim Bannister <>
Subject Re: Proposal/RFC: "informed" load balancing
Date Sat, 02 May 2015 15:55:27 GMT
On 1 May 2015, at 01:30, Daniel Ruggeri <> wrote:
>> 4. The backend MUST add the "X-Backend-Info" token to the "Connection" response header,
making it a hop-by-hop field that is removed by the frontend from the downstream response
(RFC2616 14.10 and RFC7230 6.1). [Note there appears to be an httpd bug here that I intend
to submit and that needs to be addressed.]
>>    Connection: X-Backend-Info
> I'm not sure if this is a stroke of brilliance or extra work that isn't needed :-) .
As we discussed at the Con, it is vital for the proxy to remove the header to avoid leaking
any potentially useful information to an attacker out to the 'tubes... but parsing Connection
for "X-Backend-Info" seems like it wouldn't be needed since one could just as well check if
X-Backend-Info header is present. I'm probably missing the obvious, but can you help me understand
more about why we would want this here instead of treating the presence of the header as a
sign to do some kind of work?

Here's a situation that could go wrong if this new header weren't marked as hop-by-hop. Imagine
if there are two webserver products in a reverse proxy topology, something like this:
user-agent ← httpd-proxy ← acme-proxy ← httpd-origin

(the server tiers might in fact be clusters of identically configured hosts).

All 4 tiers are doing HTTP/1.1 cacheing, correctly using Vary: and so on. If httpd-origin
is sending X-Backend-Info then it must signal to ACME-proxy that this is a hop-by-hop header.
Let's say httpd-origin signals that workers-free is 0. httpd-proxy receives a copy of this
header and from acme-proxy. httpd-proxy incorrectly concludes that workers-free is 0 and starts
sending 503 responses as per its intended configuration, even though acme-proxy would be able
to serve stale responses from its cache.

The sysadmin contacts the vendor “ACME Proxy”; the vendor asserts that their product is
conforming to HTTP 1.1 and that the incorrect behaviour is in Apache httpd. Which, in my view,
it would be.

Tim Bannister –

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