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From Noel Butler <>
Subject Re: Ad-hominem [was: [VOTE] Simplified 2.2.x EOL Decision]
Date Thu, 28 May 2015 23:30:24 GMT

On 28/05/2015 17:59, William A Rowe Jr wrote: 

> On Thu, May 28, 2015 at 2:48 AM, Noel Butler <> wrote:
> On 28/05/2015 14:48, William A Rowe Jr wrote: 
> Enough of this ad-hominem BS... [...] 
> You've lost the argument and lost respect, you have demonstrated that by this pathetic
and childish response. Just because others have a different opinion to you, does NOT make
them a troll William, nor does warrant your bordering on bullying immature response, when
you grow up and become an adult again, I'll take your concerns seriously.


Frankly, I don't care whether you take my concerns seriously or not,
that is irrelevant. 

If you have a vote, please vote [changed subject, your reply didn't
belong on a vote thread without casting a vote - find the top-post.] I
and all PMC members will respect your vote, and each of our peers'

Indeed, if you are continuing to chiding me and other committers for not
doing what you would have us do, you are indeed a troll. If you are
asking whether or not you can focus your efforts on 2.4, nobody has been
blocking you from doing so, exclusively. If you are imposing your
direction upon fellow committers, and then mocking them for their
interests other than your own, than you sir, really, truly are the

But if that is not what you or others meant to imply, of course I would
retract that unjustified characterization! 

Yours sincerely, 


like I said previously William, when you grow back up and can act like
an adult, you can then and only then email me directly and we can
continue this debate, until such time, save your breath, because I have
no time for immature childish brats. 

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